Winter 2012

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Hi to all our readers, 

Like the Sydney summer, our summer newsletter didn't quite materialise (nor did the autumn edition). Sorry, we were too busy building great solutions for our clients! We're also spending a lot of time reviewing and perfecting our marketing strategies - so look out for some changes over the coming months, starting with a new format for the newsletter which will bring you interesting information in a more concise and timely manner.

Enjoy the newsletter.

-Daniel Scott.

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Managing content for mobile websites

Soon you'll need a version of your website that's optimised for mobile devices. We've devised a solution to enable you to manage both your mobile content and your standard web content using the same system. You can reuse content between them or create new content where necessary.

Check out our demo website.

Cart iconComing to a smartphone near you...

Here's an interesting new technology (Near Field Communications) that's available in newer smartphones: TapIT. It's similar to using those QR codes that are becoming more commonplace. In fact we compared the technologies in a newsletter last year and predicted that QR codes were a temporary marketing feature and NFC would slowly take over.

Sphere Swirls 7Website Content Management

We've been busy putting fingers to keyboards and have come up with another of our popular papers (a couple of recent papers covered Search Engine Optimisation for Business and How to Build an Online Shop). This one is all about how a good website content management system can save you money, time and open new opportunities. Read about Why you MUST use a Website Content Management System.

Sphere Swirls 9 Content Management and Mobile Devices

The Boston Consulting Group and Gartner concur that it is becoming more important for companies to have a mobile-optimised website. Designing a website for much smaller screens usually demands a much-simplified layout and less content. It is often therefore not a good option to simply restyle your standard website to fit onto a phone. It is often appropriate to host separate websites - but to share the content between them. Read more about Content Management for mobile devices.

Sphere Swirls 6Turtle Hosting

If you host with us (or if you are thinking of doing so), you'll now enjoy superior performance thanks to an upgrade to our hosting facilities. This means that websites will run faster and will be able to cope effectively with spikes in demand.

EnvelopePostal address

Our postal address has changed. We'd love to hear from you, so please send us a postcard to let us know how we can help you to grow your business online, But get our new address first!

Cart iconThinking about building an App?

There are legal obligations and responsibilities associated with launching an app for a mobile device. Consider creating a licence agreement.

Sphere Swirls 5Local is the new global

Local is the next big thing. There are a few converging reasons - GPS-enabled smartphones have us more aware of our location; search engines are pushing location-based searching; and we're tired of having thousands of choices - an easy filter is to search for local businesses. Our own search engine keywords focus on Sydney and that ensures that we're on page 1, while still seeing plenty of traffic. Talk to us about Search Engine Optimisation.

Sphere Swirls 8World's first 'tax' on Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7

We attended an event this week with  Ruslan Kogan. He mentioned that supporting outdated browsers was costing too much. What was his solution - are any of you game to do  this?

G+  Google+

Is your business on Google+? It's catching on and there is potential for it to improve your search engine rankings. Check out Turtle Technology on Google+ and please Follow us!



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