Manage web & mobile content from a single platform.

Umbraco powers more than 70.000 sites world-wide: from well known global brands, to simple sole-trader sites, and everything in between.

Major worldwide brands using Umbraco include Wired, Peugeot, Vogue, Hasselblad and Warner Brothers. Click for more examples.

We are an Umbraco Partner so you know you are in good hands - in fact one of our programmers teaches Umbraco courses.

Here are some of the features that your site can utilise:

  • Editorial

    Editors can manage content in a WYSIWYG editor or inline within the actual web-page.

  • Versioned content

    Every time you publish your content entity a new version is created and an audit trail is maintained. You can rollback to any version you want. There is no limit on the number of versions you have. Differences between versions are highlighted. Old versions can be cleaned up automatically.

  • Workflow

    If a user does not have permission to publish they can “Send to Publish”. If an approver has subscribed to a page/section/site, they will be notified to publish the content.

  • Language support

    The CMS supports English, French, Spanish (with variants), Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Greek. The workflow system contains a translation mechanism to request translation prior to publication.

  • Scheduled publishing

    Content can be parked until a given date at which point it is automatically published.

  • Media library

    A repository for images, video, Flash and other media.

  • Administrator security

    Users, Roles (which areas of the Administration tool can be used), User-types (customisable set of permissions), Permissions (operations), Pages (page-based permissions).

  • Public user security

    Controlled by Membership (e.g. gold, silver, bronze). This restricts page access.

  • Components

    Most standard web CMS components are catered for, including blogs, forums, RSS, adverts, maps, contact form, search, event registrations, staff list and of course integration with social media services such as Twitter.

  • Scalability

    Umbraco can support up to 200,000 published pages (2 million published properties). It has been tested to scale to 830 page requests/second or 35 million Umbraco page views a month ( did extensive testing when they decided to go with Umbraco).

Click for the editor's guide.

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