Content management for mobile websites

The Boston Consulting Group tell us that global internet users will double over the next few years - and most will be mobile. They predict four times as many mobile internet connections as fixed line internet connections. Gartner concur and explain that in a few years the number of mobile devices will dwarf the number of PCs by a similar ratio. (source).  It is therefore becoming more important for companies to have a mobile-optimised website.

Designing a website for much smaller screens usually demands a much-simplified layout and less content. It is often therefore not a good option to simply restyle your standard website to fit onto a phone. It is often appropriate to host separate websites. Jakob Nielsen agrees - read his comparison between mobile and standard websites.

However this does not always mean that content needs to be duplicated. Using the content management system we can set up content items (e.g. a news story) that can be utilised on both websites but entered only once.