Search Engine Optimisation

Improve your search engine ranking

SEO should be driven by your marketing team - not by technologists.

First, you must understand the current state of your SEO - this will allow success to be quantified.

If you are rebuilding your website it is advisable to involve an SEO specialist from the beginning of the design phase. A core SEO specification will be developed.

Defining appropriate keywords for your SEO campaign is critical. Marketing-related keywords are based on your products and services and are relatively straight-forward to define. However technical keyword analysis, carried out by a specialist, will identify variants on the keywords that will attract the most relevant traffic to your website.

The other key activity is to increase the popularity of your site by persuading high quality websites to link to yours. The ideal method of generating links is to build a website that is so compelling that people will want to link to it.

How can we help you to boost your search engine rankings:

  • Involve our SEO specialist in your website redesign.
  • Identify technical keywords to maximise relevant traffic to your website.
  • Work with you to create fresh content - the key to strong search rankings.
  • Create links back into your website from various relevant sources.
  • Monitor your programme throughout its lifecycle