Business Analysis

Understanding what is required

Upon receiving the go-ahead to begin work on a project, the first thing we do is understand what it is that we are to build. We call this the Requirements Gathering phase and this is carried out by a business analyst (as opposed to a programmer). As we have done this many times before, we have checklists that streamline the process. Each project is different but will almost certainly include several of the following activities:

  • Interview executives and other stakeholders
  • Facilitate workshops with stakeholders
  • List prioritised business requirements
  • Determine technical constraints
  • Understand existing and future business processes

The business analyst then goes on to begin designing the system in close partnership with the business stakeholders. Again, each project is different and some of the following activities are undertaken:

  • Write use cases
  • Create wire-frame screen layouts
  • Build non-functional prototypes
  • Compile a functional specification
  • Model data requirements
  • Analyse the quality of existing data

After this we will have a good idea of the scope of what we are building and can move on to the technical design.