Winter 2011

A Turtle Technology newsletter, with a focus on search engine optimisation

Hi Everyone, it's still wintertime in Sydney and if you need a reason to return from the ski slopes, here is our winter newsletter. We are having a busy season, being lucky to win some great projects and developing new and old partnerships. Our web and mobile development capabilities continue to expand and we have big plans around some exciting new projects in the near future. Our newsletters tend to be focused on education rather than marketing and this edition is all about search engine optimisation (SEO).
-Daniel Scott.

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Referral Offer

Our referral offer has been so successful that we have decided to continue it throughout the winter. If you refer a project to us, we will thank you by paying you a very generous referral bonus - so start referring!

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Customer iconPlan for IT

Most organisations have a business plan, a financial plan and a sales & marketing plan. But how many have a Technology Plan? This often-forgotten document should address goals in the business plan and the marketing plan and will contribute to the financial plan. It will assist with budgeting for technical expenditure and address the vital issues of security and disaster recovery.
Depending on your requirements, it should cover the following areas: technical infrastructure, website, workstation & server software licensing, systems development, cloud services, security, backup and failover.

Customer iconPlanning for SEO Success

SEO should be treated as an initial project followed by ongoing improvement activity. SEO goals should be driven from the marketing plan which in turn is written to achieve business goals. SEO should not be driven by technologists. First the current state of SEO must be assessed - this will allow success to be quantified.

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Customer iconKeywords

Defining appropriate keywords for your SEO campaign is critical. Marketing-related keywords are based on your products and services. Technical keyword analysis will then identify variants that will attract the most relevant traffic to your website. Once defined, your keywords should be applied to your website.

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Customer iconCompel Others to Link Back to Your Website

The other key activity is to increase the popularity of your site by persuading high quality websites to link to yours. Try to avoid reciprocal links - especially with commercial link farms. Where possible the links should be crafted to include relevant keywords. The ideal method of generating links is to build a website that is so compelling that people will want to link to it.

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LinkedIn Icon  SEO and Social Networking

Many businesses dabble with social networking - if targeted correctly the social networks can help to attain your SEO goals and promote your brand. Most of us have limited resources so it is prudent to focus your efforts on the social network that will work best for your business. Our social media site of choice is LinkedIn. Please follow us:

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