Autumn 2011

A Turtle Technology newsletter, with a focus on mobile apps & websites

Hi Everyone, with Easter just behind us, we're running out of time to send out our Autumn Newsletter. We had an exciting summer season with some great new projects and a ramp-up of our marketing efforts.
In particular we have been focusing on building new relationships with agencies and consulting companies - but we still love direct client work. We continue to focus mainly on designing and building websites but we are now introducing our new app development service for mobile devices (i.e. apps for Android, iPhone etc). We therefore devote much of this newsletter to mobile-related articles.
-Daniel Scott.

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Special Offer

First, some breaking news: Turtle Technology has introduced a referral offer for a limited time. If you refer a job to us, we will thank you by paying you 10% of the value of the work. That's a huge referral bonus!

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Mobile phone iconYou Must Have A Mobile-enabled Website

Gartner believe that having a mobile-enabled website is moving from being a luxury to a necessity. Almost all mobile phones shipped in 2011 will have a browser and in a few years they predict we will be accessing the internet more from our phones than our PCs. If your web-site does not function adequately on a mobile phone - you will lose business.

Mobile phone iconWhat Is A Mobile-enabled Website?

A mobile-enabled website is a site that has been designed for small screens, big fingers and a potentially slow internet connection. Depending on your existing website you may only need to offer a re-skinned version for mobile devices or you may need to build new pages. If you use a decent content management system you will only need to maintain your content in one place. Contact us to find out how this can be achieved.

Mobile phone iconApp Or Website?

There is a fine line between deciding whether to build a mobile 'app' or a mobile-enabled website. This article explains some of the considerations that will influence this decision.

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Mobile phone iconMobile Marketing

Consumers love to receive special offers and mobile is a great way to personalise this. Use coupons to up-sell and cross-sell.

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PS this article will explain what that ugly square pattern is above.

Mobile phone iconMobile Usability

Jakob Nielsen ("the king of usability") reports that when using smart phones, user comprehension is half of that when using regular computers. He goes on to suggest guidelines for designing websites for viewing on smartphones.

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LinkedIn Icon  And Finally: LinkedIn

We have recently set ourselves up on LinkedIn's new Company feature. LinkedIn is growing at an amazing rate - doubling in size every couple of years. There are 1.3 million Australian users. The more connections you have, the higher up in the rankings you will appear. Apply the usual SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) keyword rules to your LinkedIn content. More on SEO in the next newsletter.

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