Websites for Mobile Devices

Building websites that work on mobile devices

Gartner believe that having a mobile-enabled website is moving from being a luxury to a necessity. Almost all mobile phones shipped in 2011 will have a browser and in a few years they predict we will be accessing the internet more from our phones than our PCs. If your web-site does not function adequately on a mobile phone - you will lose business.

A mobile-enabled website is a site that has been designed for small screens, big fingers and a potentially slow internet connection. Depending on your existing website you may only need to offer a re-skinned version for mobile devices or you may need to build new pages. If you use a good content management system you will only need to maintain your content in one place.

We can take your current web-site and re-publish it so it can be viewed effectively on mobile phones. It can be quite a straightforward process to do this depending on your current site.

We can empower you to manage your mobile content in the same way that your web-content is managed. In fact, depending on your setup, you may only need to update your content once. It will then propagate to both web and mobile.