Winter 2013

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Hi to all our readers, 

Its World Turtle Day today, an annual event designed to promote the wellbeing of turtles. We are marking it with our 'almost winter' newsletter.

Awards, certifications and the national press- it's all happing! Read on…

-Daniel Scott.

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Cart icon You deserve an award

Have we built an online shop for you? Is it performing? Of course it is -building successful online shops is one of our key services. The reason for raising this is that the Online Retail Industry Awards are upon us and you might want to consider nominating your online shop for an award. Categories include:

  • Best Pure-Play Online Retailer
  • Best Multichannel Retailer
  • Best New Online Retailer
  • Best Social Commerce Initiative
  • Most Innovative Online Retailer
  • Best Customer Experience
  • Best Site Optimisation & Design
  • Best Mobile Commerce Site/Application

Find out more about the Online Retail Industry Awards, including how to nominate your online shop.

Sphere Swirls 7 Are you getting results from your website?

We thought it would be worth reiterating some of the basic factors that affect the number of people that visit your website:

  • If we built your website then you can be assured that it will meet web standards. Tick.
  • Ensure your content is optimised for your business and target market. Decide what your keywords are. What would prospective customers search for?
  • Analyse your website for your keywords. You may need some technical assistance with this but start by searching for them in Google.
  • Get high quality websites to link back to your website. Check who is linking to your site by searching in Google for    However note that a few good quality links are better than lots of poor quality links. Google may actually penalise you for poor quality links and certainly do not sign up to link farms and even avoid directories unless they are authoritative.

Read more about Search Engine Optimisation for business. 

Sphere Swirls 6 Press

We're grateful to A-Locate who mentioned us in an article about them in the Australian Financial Review (AFR). The website we built for them was very successful and as the article mentions the growth of good quality business enquiries they received provided a very quick return on  their investment.

Read the Australian Financial Review Article.

Microsoft Microsoft Internet Explorer 10

How does your website look in IE10? Usage of this browser is growing slowly but surely. Depending on your choice of statistics, it may be around 5% of the market. Subject to your target market, that might be 5% of your prospective customers. It would therefore be appropriate to check if viewers using IE10 see the correct representation of your website. Use NetRenderer, a free tool to generate an image of how your website looks in IE10.

Umbraco Umbraco Upgrade

Umbraco is our website content management system of choice. It's easy to use, powerful and quick. Software updates are regularly released by the Umbraco team and recently they highlighted some important security updates that were included in version 6.0.5. So consider having your WCMS upgraded as soon as possible. Here is the list of additional Umbraco features since 4.7.1. If you would like to upgrade, contact us.

Sphere Swirls 8 Project Management

When taking on a project one of our goals is to relieve our client of the stress of dealing with technology and technologists. One way we achieve this is through having a single point of contact who is an expert in managing IT projects. Daniel Scott manages many of our projects and recently formalised this capability by gaining top marks in the PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner certifications. PRINCE2 is an international framework for effective project management.



We love referrals  - the system works well because we do our utmost to deliver a spectacular result - we answer to our referrers as well as our clients! Our primary project goal is always to do such a great job for our clients that they will generate new business for us by referring us.

Please email or call Daniel on 0421-44 11 70 to refer a project.


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