Common Pitfalls

Don't disappoint your customers

What are some of the pitfalls to look out for? Put simply: anything that disappoints your customers. Examples are listed below.

Site Design & Build

  • Difficulty navigating the site or finding the right product
  • Forcing users to register and forcing them to register to find out shipping costs - at least give them a shipping calculator up-front
  • Not accepting the right payment methods or not being able to accept international payment methods
  • Your shop is too slow to use
  • Complex user journey to get from browsing to payment
  • Ensure that the technical components (e.g. cart) have been evaluated to meet the requirements of your business



  • Do not store credit card information - it's not worth the risk. If you have reoccurring payments use direct debit or contact the customer each time - every contact is a sales opportunity.
  • Ensure that appropriate security is in place for gift cards / vouchers.
  • To help to detect fraudulent behaviour and assist with customer problems, log user interactions - particularly around payment, whether successful or unsuccessful.



  • Ambiguous information
  • Out-dated or incorrect information e.g. on inventory or delivery time
  • Don't make the rest of your website too interesting or the user will browse instead of buy!



  • If orders are passed directly on to a supplier, make sure they are actually capable of dealing with your anticipated volumes
  • Know and abide by the laws of the jurisdictions that you operate in - returns policy, information privacy, sales tax etc
  • Make sure all of your technical components and your business processes are able to service anticipated volumes of enquiries and sales.
  • Interface with business systems to log orders and synchronise inventory - otherwise you might be selling items online that have already been sold in your physical shop