Articles and papers that simplify technology for our clients

Mobile applications and mobile websites

A few small articles around mobile applications and mobile websites. Find out more about whether you should be building an app or mobile website, mobile marketing and mobile usability.

Search Engine Optimisation

We explain many of the concepts around search engine optimisation (SEO) and how they apply to the business owner or marketing department.

Build an Online Shop

Tips and tricks on how to build an online shop, including convert browsers to customers, how to avoid the pittfalls and features that should be considered.

Preparing Images for the Web

Basic information around preparing images for websites. It is aimed at a reader who has almost no prior experience in doing this and includes explanations of how to crop and resize images.

Getting the best from your website

After we go-live with a website, we continue to support our clients. Not only through the warranty but also by providing advice. Here are some of the things you should be doing to use your website to its full potential.

Securing Your Website Using SSL

What is SSL, why does my business need it, what sort to get and how to purchase a certificate. This information on securing your website using SSL is mostly targeted at business rather than technical readers.